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Music and Acoustical Medicine

Creating Future Medicine Concerning How Music and Sound Affect Human Body by Means of Subtle Energy

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ICHIE, MasayoshiICHIE, Masayoshi
ICHIE, Masayoshi

Professor, M.D., Ph.D.

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Research Theme

  • Wellness through music activity
  • Medical application of integrative health science
  • Research on subtle energy of human body
Research Keywords:

Music, Sound, Subtle Energy, Integrative Health Science

Technical Keywords:

Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy (NIRS), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Acoustic Vibrational Stimulation, Energy Medicine

Laboratory Introduction

Music therapist is not medical license in Japan. There are many restrictions for music therapists to do session in the fields of medicine because of Japanese law. We propose how to do music therapy in the medical fields and have published a textbook of medical music therapy. We also propose that music activities are very effective for health promotion in various manners.
Through the mediation of Tohoku University Office of Cooperative Research and Development, research on subtle energy of human body has been started with a Japanese large enterprise since 2014. “Chi” is a fundamental concept in Chinese medicine. “Reiki” is a Japanese concept of Chi energy. Reiki is well known in Europe and America. For example, Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Harvard Medical School) has a certification system of Hospital Reiki Practitioner. After success in this research, the subtle energy such as “Chi” and “Reiki” will be made clear and be applied in medical field in near future.

Figure 1. Test book of music health promotor developed by us

Figure 1. Test book of music health promotor developed by us

Figure 2. Experiment of detecting human subtle energy

Figure 2. Experiment of detecting human subtle energy

Recent Publications

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