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Drug Delivery System and Prevention for Blindness

Medical Sciences Course

  • Master / Doctoral Degree


ABE, ToshiakiABE, Toshiaki
ABE, Toshiaki

Professor, M.D. Ph.D.

*Concurrent Position

Research Theme

  • Drug delivery system for retinal diseases
  • Deployment type nanosheets creation technology development for biopharmaceutical local sustained release
  • Screening of the new vessel stimulant in the retina
Research Keywords:

drug delivery, nano-sheet, retinal diseases, blindness prevention, neuroprotection

Technical Keywords:

micro fabrication, controlled drug delivery, animal experiments, cell culture and gene manipulation, cell transplantation

Laboratory Introduction

We have been developing drug and/or cell delivery system. Although we performed these studies for eye diseases, these techniques will be able to apply to other organs. Because most of the blindness is attributed to retinal diseases, administration of some appropriate drugs to treat degenerating retina has been tried. Using our novel device, we can perform sustained long-term drug administration to the retina. We have performed our work in collaboration with Prof Nishizawa and Associate Prof. Kaji (Department of Bioengineering and Robotics) and Prof Nakazawa (Department of Ophthalmology).
We have also developed a biodegradable and transplantable sheet that can culture the cells using microfabrication techniques. We established micropatterned nanosheets that can be ejected from a syringe through the needle. It can be expanded to conform to the local space according to the necessity. The sheet is gene- and drug-containable and is easily attached to the target tissue, which enable the target molecules would release locally.

Figure 1. Trans-scleral sustained drug delivery system

Figure 1. Trans-scleral sustained drug delivery system

Figure 2. Biodegradable and transplantable micropatterned conforming nanosheets

Figure 2. Biodegradable and transplantable micropatterned conforming nanosheets

Recent Publications

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  • Kawashima, et al. A scalable controlled release device for transscleral drug delivery to the retina. Biomaterials 32(7):1950-1956, 2011.