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Frequently Asked Questions from Students

Frequently Asked Questions from Students (Updated April 28, 2011)

Q1: I am worried about the radioactive pollution in Sendai.
First, Sendai is 85 km away from First Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, radiation is weakened by the distance. Tohoku University measures the radiation every day. The measured values in April are around 0.10 micro Sv/h at Aobayama Campus. This is just the same level as major cities in Europe, even lower than in Rome. Second, you may worry about coming radioactive substance drifted toward Sendai and their aspiration or intake by drinking water or foods. Experts in our university keep monitoring these safe, cooperating with the Miyagi prefecture. Until now, all the measured values (drinking water, vegetables, meats, etc.) were lower than the safest criterion, indicating safe in food environment for human body.

Information on radiation monitoring


Q2: How did the school calendar change?
Undergraduate school started on Aplil 25.
Graduate school will start on May 9th.
Undergraduate: Please visit EAST for further information.
Graduate: Please contact your professor.

Q3: How is the transportation to Sendai?

You can take Shinkansen as usual.
(It takes around 2 hours from Tokyo, 30mins longer than before the earthquake.)
Sendai Airport partially resumed domestic flight operations on April 13.

Q4: Are water, electricity and gas supplies restored?
Except for Tsunami-suffered area, electricity, water-supply and gas supply have recovered in most area of city of Sendai.

Information from city of Sendai: (Japanese Only)

Q5: Are university buildings safe to use?
About Seiryo campus (School of Medicine and University hospital), no building was destroyed. Most laboratories have already restarted their research activities.
Most classrooms and student facilities are safe to use.
About university library, only the ground floor is opened.

You can see our campus images after earthquake. URL:

Q6: How is the situation of my apartment house?


Please contact your apartment house owner directly. University House Sanjo is safe to live.

For new residents of University House Sanjo, the entry date was postponed to May 1-5.

Q7: I am worried about the climb in living expenses.


Foods and other commodities are now abundantly supplied in Sendai, available in supermarkets mostly at previous prices. Since the 2nd week of April, most of the gas stations are operating normally. There is no need to cue for hours any more.. Convenient-stores have shortened their opening hours. There is no price hikes in the Convenient-stores. Gasoline price in Miyagi prefecture is ¥153.7 per litter. The rate is a bit higher than the average rate in Japan (¥148.7) <April 12>.

Q8. Is it permitted to be absent from classes to attend volunteer activities?

No, it isn’t. Students are expected to prioritize their classes.

Q9. I feel insecure about resuming my daily activities in Sendai.
It is totally natural to feel insecure after having experienced such an extraordinary situation. Tohoku University plans to offer adequate mental health care in collaboration with the Committee on Health and Welfare and the Student Counseling Room.

Q10. Where can I apply for reduction/exemption of tuition fees?

Consult at the Educational Affairs Section.
・Graduate School of Medicine: m-daigakuin*
・School of Medicine: med-kyom*
・School of Health Sciences: cms-kyom*
(Please Convert "*" into "@".)

Q11. My parents’ home was hit by the disaster. Is there any financial support available?

Yes, financial supports are available from the university (tuition waiver), the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and also from the various enterprises. For all those cases, the deadline for application is after April 25th.
JASSO opens the contact on consultation for international students.

Q12. I am worried if the security situation in Sendai city might get worse.
There has been no crime reported in the Seiryo area since March 11th. There have neither been reports on mass media about worsening security situation or increase in crime in Sendai city.

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・Tohoku University School of Medicine
・Tohoku University
・Tohoku University Medical Campus Groupware Tool: EAST

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Information of financial support
・Regarding tuition waiver, scholarship, admission fee (Financial Support Division, Support for Education and Student Department.)
Tel: 022-795-3946 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00)
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Email address: shogaku* @ instead of *)

・About scholarship
Applied regions and detail
Related website
Contact: Administrative office of financial support

Information on daily life
・About University house Sanjo, the student dormitory (Student Service Division, Support for Education and Student Department.)

Tel: 022-795-3944 (Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00)
Email address: sta-ryo* (Type @ instead of *)

For further information(Student Services Division, Support for Education and Student Department.)
Tel: 022-795-7818(Mon-Fri: 9:00-17:00)
Email address: sta-gaku* @ instead of *)

About accommodation(Tohoku University COOP, Real Estate Department)
Tel: 022-262-1775(Mon-Fri:10:00-17:00)

Radiation monitoring data and graphs related to the nuclear power plant accidents in Fukushima
・Tohoku University


Tohoku University School of Medicine

Location: 2-1 Seiryo-machi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi, 980-8575, Japan
TEL: +81-22-717-8009
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