Ethics and Educational Objective of School of Health Sciences

Ideas for Education

As the birthrate declines and the population ages, social health and medical situation has been changed. Thus, comprehensive medical care seems to be necessary, which apply for prevention and health management totally.
In School of Health Science, we bring up medical experts who have generous personality, broad education and strong logical view to response these social requirements, also acquire scientific knowledge and skills and self-possessed detailed discernment skill.
Furthermore, we bring up a talented person who can perform team care/medicine as a collaboration of other health/medical experts to support peoples’ health living.

Educational Target

  1. Bring up medical and health care specialists who have ability to practice with generosity and resection for human life.
  2. Bring up medical and health care specialists who care of improvement of quality of life.
  3. Create place for offering comprehensive medical care based on team medicine.
  4. Give education of medical technology that advances medical care with consideration of regional characteristics.
  5. Give total education with collaboration of liberal arts, sociology, natural science and medical science.
  6. Give education on leading-edge medical technology that could contribute to the human being in the world.