Ethics and Educational Objective of School of Medicine

Ideas for Education

  • Create strong fundamentals of education based on cooperation between student and teacher.
  • Practice research and education which could unravel the base of medical and health science.
  • Bring up a vigorous spirit of inquiry and generous personality
  • Train top-class leading specialist who contributes to human’s health and welfare.

Educational Target

Achieve 12 educational targets with in six-year education at school of medicine to be a doctor / researcher who has ability of readership in various areas of medicine / medical service.

  1. Understanding structure of an organism and a vital phenomenon.
  2. Understanding of pathogenesis, a morbid state, diagnostication, treatment and prevention.
  3. Ability of communication
  4. Basic clinical skill
  5. Understanding of life ethics, medical ethics and law and regulations for medical service.
  6. Ability to manage, deal and use practically for information
  7. Ability to notice and solve the problems.
  8. Understanding of medical methodology and ability to apply for fundamental and clinical research.
  9. Ability of leadership and educate colleagues
  10. Understanding of local society and a health care system.
  11. Attitude toward self-communion, self-enlightenment and lifelong learning.
  12. Ability for being as an internationally-minded person.