About Tohoku University School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine

Tohoku University, School of Medicine began life as a Sendai han Medical School in 1817, which was founded by historical academic institution in Sendai domain called 'Sendai han'. Also, at the same time, a Free Dispensary (same level as postgraduate) was build. After it was reorganised as Miyagi Prefectural Medical Institution, it was established as Imperial Medical University in 1915 with a background of establishment of Tohoku Imperial University. It has developed as top level medical educational, research and practice organisation and its customs and ceremonies have been handed down in the tradition from generation to generation (please refer “History” for detail). Alumni association, called "Gonryo", holds more than seventeen thousand members and they contribute excellent work toward all over the world.

Tohoku University School of Health Sciences has its history since Tohoku Imperial University annex facility for training of nurse was established in 1913. After that, through establishment of Faculty of Medicine Diagnosis X ray Engineer School in 1953, Annex School of Clinical Technologist in 1962 and Medical laboratory science College in 1973, School of Health Sciences was established in 2003 and is consist of course of Nursing, Radiological Technology and Medical laboratory science. At the same time, it was integrated to School of Medicine.

Graduate School of Medicine starts its history as a Graduate School Division of Medicine under the new educational system in 1955. "Master of Disability Sciences Course", which is a quite unique course, was established in 1994 for top priority policy of Graduate School of Medicine and it was completed its facility development in 1999. Furthermore, Master of Medical Science Course in 2003 and Master of Health Sciences Course in 2008 were established. Medical Engineering Course was established as a significant department to Graduate School of Medicine in 2008. Doctor of Health Sciences course was also established in 2010 and it was distributed into “first term two-year program (Master)” and “second term three-year program (Doctor)”. Staff in Graduate School of Medicine also educates students at school of Medicine at the same time.

Medical School increased the fixed number of students by 35 during the fiscal 2009 - 2013 and it now admits 135 students every year. That is a first Medical School as an Imperial University – affiliation, introduce its own admissions office entrance examination (accepts maximum of 15 students) with intending to broaden opportunity for enthusiastic student who wish to study at Medical School. Also, School of Health Sciences has Course of Nursing (accepts 70 students, including 15 students through admissions office entrance examination), Course of Radiological Technology (accepts 37 students, including 5 students through admissions office entrance examination) and Course of Medical laboratory science (accepts 37 students, including 5 students through admissions office entrance examination); trains medical expert and researcher for life science who has research mind.

Post Graduate School of Medicine provides various professors and staffs with superior research ability which covers most of the medical field, and it admits more than 200 students including Masters and Doctorial course. It dispatches lots of epoch-making research findings to the world.

At Tohoku University Hospital, not only education but also as training place for intern, lots of staffs engages in instruction and practice. Moreover, it performs leading-edge for practical clinical medicine and pursues its outcome to the world.

Tohoku University Medical School is developing continuously with gathering lots of students and researchers from all over the world and train and produce many talented individuals.

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