1990 June 8th Extend Pediatric Surgery course (Ministry of Education Announcement No.15)
1992 April 10th Extend Acute Medicine course (Ministry of Education Announcement No.16)
1994 April 4th Graduate School, Division of Medicine become Graduate School of Medicine
Establish Master of Disability Sciences course in Graduate School of Medicine
June 24th Abolish annex Research Institution for Rehabilitation
Abolish annex Research Institute for Brain Problem
Abolish annex clinic Naruko branch
Establish Disability Sciences Masters Course in Graduate School of Medicine
Abolish Pathologic Kinesthesis course, and extend Neurology course and Neurosurgery course (Ministry of Education Announcement No.22)
Extend; Pathologic Kinesiology, Medical Science in Dyskinesia and Higher Internal Dysfunction (Ministry of Education Announcement No.22)
1996 May 10th Establish Graduate School of Disability Sciences Doctorial Course
1997 April 1st Abolish; Anatomy 2, Anatomy 3, Pathology 2, Pharmacology 1, Pharmacology 2, Physiology 1, Physiology 2, Medical Science 1, Medical Science 2, Bacteriology, Hygieiology, Medical Jurisprudence, Practical Physiology, Public Health, Hospital Administration, Fundamental of Radiology.
Establish; Embryology and Anthropology, Molecular Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Infection Immunology and Social Medicine (Ministry of Education Announcement No.15)
Abolish; Pathological Somatology Information Study and Pathological Humoral Regulation. Establish; Cellular Physiology, Medical/Biological Chemistry, Pathological Control, Pathology, Biophylaxis and Social Medicine in Graduate School (Ministry of Education Announcement No.15)
Reorganise a part of Physiology study, Pathology study, Social Medicine study, Pathological Science into Medical Science study (Ministry of Education Announcement No.15)
1998 April 9th Abolish; Internal Medicine 1, Internal Medicine 2, Internal Medicine 3, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Surgery, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Pediatrics, Radiotherapeutics and Laboratory Diagnosis.
Establish; Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Dermatology
Abolish; Pathological Metabolism and Pathological Neurology.
Extend; Pathological Control, Pathological Internal Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, Neurosciences in Graduate School
Reorganise Internal Medicine, Pathologic Science into Medical Science in Graduate School
1999 April 1st Complete prioritisation in Graduate School
Abolish; Anatomy 1, Surgery 1, Surgery 2, Chest Surgery, Orthopaedics, Tocology/Obstetrics, Urology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine.
Establish; Urology/Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sense Organ Disease Study, Anesthesiology/Emergency Medicine
Extend; Pathologic Surgery, Sense Organ Pathology, Urology/Genitalia Study, Anesthesiology/Emergency Medicine, Anatomy and Anthropology, Acute Medicine in Graduate School Reorganise Surgery into Medical Science Study in Graduate School
Rename Faculty of Medicine annex facility for Animal Testing to Graduate School of Medicine Institute for Animal Experimentation
2002 April 1st Establish Center for Translational and Advanced Animal Research Department of Functional Genomics
2003 April 1st Establish Master of Medical Science course in Postgraduate School of Medicine
Extend Center for Transactional and Advanced Animal Research Department of Prion Protein Research
June 1st Establish Endowed Chair Advanced Biological Science for Registration (Kotobiken Medical Laboratories)
October 1st Establish Department of Health, at the same time, College for Medical Engineering students are arranged to continue studying there until graduate
Establish University Hospital, integrated Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry Endowed Chair, Geriatric and Complementary Medicine (Tsumura), Center for Asian Traditional Medicine Research was founded
2004 July 2nd Reorganise course in Medical Science 14 courses [Cell Biology, Biological Chemistry, Physiological Science, Pathology, Biophylaxis, Pathological Control, Internal Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, Surgery, Sensory Organs, Urology/Genitalia study, Anesthesiology and Emergency Medicine, Neurosciences and Social Medicine] to 8 courses [Cell Biology, Physiological Science, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Reproductive and Developmental Medicine, Surgery, Neuroscience and Sensory Organs, Public Health and Forensic Medicine]
Reorganise course in Disability Sciences 5 courses [Pathologic Kinesiology, Dyskinesia Study, Internal Higher Dysfunction study, Anatomy and Anthropology, Functional Recuperation Surgery] to 1 course Functional Medical Science
2005 April 1st Establish Research Division of Dialysis and Chronic Kidney Disease
Establish Hematopathology
Establish Educational Developmental Center for Local Medicine
June 1st Establish Local Medical System (LOMS)
November 1st Establish Department of Geriatric Behavioral Neurology
2006 April 1st Establish Office of Medical Education
October 1st Establish Molecular Neuroimaging
Establish Department of Innovative Cardiovascular Medicine
2007 March 31st Abolish Health Sciences College
April 1st Establish Cancer Medical Science
May 1st Establish Department of Multiple Sclerosis Therapeutics
October 1st Establish Department of Cardiovascular Evidence-based Medicine
2008 March 31st Abolish Local Medical System (LOMS) due to limit of specified duration
Abolish Educational Developmental Center for Local Medicine due to limit of specified duration
April 1st Establish Graduate School of Medicine, Health Sciences (Master's Program)
Establish T1 Medical Science
Establish Advanced Prevention of Infectious Diseases
2009 February 16st Establish Clinical Microbiology with Epidemiological Research & Management and Analysis of Infectious Diseases(C-MERMAID)
April 1st Establish Bioscience for Drug Discovery
Establish Blood Pressure Research
Establish Advanced Ophthalmic Medicine
October 1st Establish Surgery and Oncology
2010 April 1st Establish Graduate School of Medicine, Health Sciences, Doctral Program (Second term three-year Program)
Three divisions at Graduate School of Medicine, Health Sciences: Advanced Nursing Practice, Family Nursing, and Health Development Nursing Science are reorganized as two divisions: Basic and Health Development Nursing Sciences, and Family Nursing
Establish Moleculer Hematology/Oncology
Establish Research Division of Science for Aortic Diseases
Establish Training for Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine
Establish Regional for Cooperatin for Infectious Diseases
Establish Advanced Developmental Medicine
Establish Cancer Cell Biology
United Centers for Advanced Research and Translational Medicine are reorganized as project oriented centers
Establish Autopsy Imaging Center
Establish EG center