Basic Medicine, Physiology

Cell Physiology

Ion Channels Operating Multiple Ways in Every Membranes in Every Cells

Medical Sciences Course

  • Master / Doctoral Degree


MUSHIAKE, Hajime*Concurrent Position

Professor, M.D. Ph.D.

Research Theme

  • Pathophysiological implications of potassium ion channels in lymphocytes
  • Structure-function coupling in TRP channels
  • Orientation of ion channels across the membrane of endoplasmic reticulum
Research Keywords:

ion channel function, endoplasmic reticulum membrane, ion channel structure, organ pathophysiology relating to ion channels

Technical Keywords:

patch-clamping, cell imaging, disease modelling, preparing intracellular membranes

Laboratory Introduction

The laboratory is based on the electrophysiology evolving with the patch-clamp techniques providing a rapid and high-resolved data-set from membranes including the plasma, nuclear, and mitochondrial inner membrane. By keeping high quality of data-obtaining techniques, we apply them to any types of membranes, and have had many experiences in the membrane of pancreatic, salivary, and lacrimal acinar cells, blood platelets, megakaryocytes, mast cells, lymphocytes, adrenal gland cells, pericytes of microvessels, and a variety of cultured cells.

Figure 1. Apparatus for patch-clamping the membrane

Figure 1. Apparatus for patch-clamping the membrane

Recent Publications

  • Kazama I. Physiological Significance of Delayed Rectifier K+-Channels (Kv1.3) Expressed in T lymphocytes and Their Pathological Significance in Chronic Kidney Disease. J Physiol Sci, 2014 .
  • Kazama I et al.. Voltage-Dependent Biphasic Effects of Chloroquine on Delayed Rectifier K+-Channel Currents in Murine Thymocytes. J Physiol Sci, 62, pp267-274, 2012
  • Ohsaga A et al. Asymmetry of Rb+ conduction emerged under bi-ionic conditions in epithelial Maxi-K+ channels. J. Physiol. Sci. 58: 363-369, 2008.
  • Murata Y. et al Phosphoinositide phosphatase activity coupled to an intrinsic voltage sensor. Nature. 435(7046):1239-43. 2005.
  • Oshiro, T. et al. Delayed expression of large conductance K+ channels reshaping agonist-induced currents in mouse pancreatic acinar cells. Journal of Physiology, 563:379-391, 2005.