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Medical Sciences Course

  • Doctoral Degree


ISHII, TadashiISHII, Tadashi
ISHII, Tadashi

Professor, M.D. Ph.D.

Research Theme

  • Clinical Studies of Regional Medicine, Comprehensive Medicine, Disaster Medicine, traditional Japanese (Kampo) medicine and the Clinical Questions in Daily Clinical Practice
Research Keywords:

Regional Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Comprehensive Medicine, traditional Japanese (Kampo) medicine, Clinical Studies

Technical Keywords:

kampo drugs, information and communication technology, questionnaire, regional medical facilities, education program

Laboratory Introduction

Our research projects are focused on regional, general and alternative medicine, and especially pertain to medical care in the disaster-stricken areas after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
① Based on our experience of the earthquake, we have been developing “a mobile assessment system” which collects the information that is necessary for the health maintenance in a large-scale disaster using digital devices such as smartphones.
② We are studying the influence of the spectrum of disease, before and after the earthquake, around the Taro area of Iwate Prefecture.
③ We are studying a questionnaire survey on “community medicine in residency programs in the Tohoku region of Japan” to clarify the benefits of medical education in the disaster-stricken areas.
④ We are studying the epidemiological evaluation of the extraction from the latent population with esophagus achalasia (EA) among patients diagnosed with anorexia nervosa (AN) in the regional area. This is because 10% of the EA patients are unfortunately misdiagnosed with AN.
⑤ For the management of patients with chronic kidney disease, our clinical trial on the evaluation of the renal protective effect of oral alkaizer and the metabolome analysis has been collaborated with the other Division of Nephrology, Endocrinology and Vascular Medicine and Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization.
⑥ Traditional Japanese (Kampo) medicine has been widely used in regional medicine for the treatment of multiple diseases; however, its efficacy remains unclear. Our department has reported many clinical studies on traditional Japanese (Kampo) medicine, and we will continue to support this area in order to discover new evidence.

Figure 1. Group photo of our team

Figure 1. Group photo of our team

Recent Publications

  • Ishii T. Medical response to the Great East Japan Earthquake in Ishinomaki City. WPSAR 2(4): 1-7, 2011
  • Kuroda H. Health care response to the tsunami in Taro District, Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture. WPSAR2(4):14-24, 2011
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