About the logo

logomark:Tohoku University School of Medicine

In the image of the Big Dipper

Our origin, Tohoku Imperial University was established in 1907 as the 3rd Imperial University that comes after University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. In the opening ceremony song, Tohoku University was celebrated as the light of Tohoku in the image of the Big Dipper which indicates the center of the sky. That is, the Big Dipper has a meaning of searching for steadfast faith like the Pole Star and an idea of being a guide for the public.

This logo, the Big Dipper which is in near the top of the sky in the beginning of summer, has been used since October 1970. However, a name of a designer is unknown. Until now, the 12th President of the University, the 25th Dean Graduate School of Medicine / School of Medicine Prof. Motokawa Kohichi used it for the News Letter for International Students called "The Big Dipper", School of Law used it for an ornament of official letter, and also some laboratory in Graduate School of Medicine used their own original logo but these never been recognized as a official logo for School of Medicine. Also, birth year of University which is written in logo was various such as; 1817 (birth of Sendai-han Medical School), 1872 (birth of Prefectural Medical Institution), 1915 (birth of Tohoku Imperial University Medical College). Birth of University had been decided officially for1872, through School of Medicine Alumni meeting held in 1972. To present cooperation of instructor, staffs and students in Graduate School of Medicine / School of Medicine, to establish brand image, now we set official design and internal ordinance for its usage. Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine / School of Medicine, the philosophy of the school and the activities based on it will spread all over the world.

[Reference: Shigeru Hisamichi (1991) "The Big Dipper and Symbol Mark of Tohoku University". Gonryo Newspaper No.175 issued on June 20 1991]

Standard Color

Negative Positive Color Name Derivation of a Color Name
Iolite Blue Negative Iolite Blue Positive

Iolite Blue

Iolite Blue
C90 M70 Y20 K0
R32 G82 B143

IoliteIolite Blue

Sailor holds up Iolite to the sun and sail for the direction where the blue color is clearly visible the most. Thus, people believe Iolite as a guiding stone for hope or goal of one's life. In another word, it works like a compass.

Black Onyx Negative Black Onyx Positive

Black Onyx

Black Onyx
C0 M0 Y0 K100
R0 G0 B0

Black OnyxIolite Blue

It awakens one’s science instinct and keeps intention and belief.

Semi-Standard Color

Lavender spinel

Lavender Spinel
Enrichment of spirit, Safety
(C92 M100 Y22 K0 R54 G37 B118)


Blue Chalcedony
A fountain of life
(C50 M45 Y0 K0 R141 G138 B194)

Paraiba tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmaline
Roots, The time of everything starts, Hope, Farseeing intelligence, Success
(C60 M30 Y0 K0 R108 G156 B211)

Gray quartz

Gray Quartz
Blossoming of potential, Built a affluent world
(C5 M5 Y0 K75 R97 G96 B98)


Gray Chalcedony
Eternal love, Kindness, God
(C0 M5 Y4 K45 R169 G165 B162)


Variscite Green
Nature ripening
(C61 M0 Y53 K17 R87 G169 B130)

Semi-Standard Color(April, 2013 add.)

Lavender spinel

Result, Achievement
(C30 M100 Y100 K0 R179 G0 B0)


Courage and action, Creation of the future
(C9 M81 Y100 K0 R232 G48 B0)

Paraiba tourmaline

Activation, Health and longevity
(C60 M77 Y100 K40 R84 G50 B26)

Gray quartz

Titanite Green
Encounter with the truth
(C60 M0 Y100 K0 R112 G158 B51)


Rubellite Tourmaline
Harmony of body and spirit
(C33 M100 Y20 K0 R158 G11 B64)