Response to COVID-19 (Graduate School of Medicine)

COVID-19 Information and Preventive Measures(Tohoku University)

As the number of people affected by the new infectious disease, officially named COVID-19, continues to rise around the world, Tohoku University would like to remind all students and staff to be extra vigilant about their health, and to check the university's official websites (EnglishJapanese) and social media pages (FBTwitterLinkedin) regularly for important updates that might affect them.

Multilingual poster on COVID-19

International students at the Graduate School of Medicine cooperated with the multilingualization of COVID-19 posters, produced by the Association of Prevention of COVID-19 for Foreigners in Japan.

(1) Avoid Three Cs (3つの密を避けましょう)

(English) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Hungarian) (Malay) (Persian) (Russian) (Slovak) (Tagalog) (Thai) (Nepali) (Português) (Indonesian) (Myanmar) (Urdu) (Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Korean) (French) (中文) (日本語)

(2) Stay Home, Save Lives (とどまって守ろう

(English) (Arabic) (Bengali) (Hungarian) (Malay) (Persian) (Russian) (Slovak) (Tagalog) (Thai) (Indonesian) (Spanish) (Urdu) (Vietnamese) (中文) (日本語)

(3) 10 Tips to reduce 80% of person-to-person contact (人との接触を8割減らす、10のポイント)

(English) (Arabic) (Hungarian) (Malay) (Persian) (Russian) (Slovak) (Tagalog) (Thai) (Nepali) (Indonesian) (Spanish) (Vietnamese) (Korean) (中文) (日本語)

How to report to University if you suspect having COVID-19

【For those who are in Sendai (in Japan)】
  • ・If you have the symptoms below, contact the Call centers as soon as possible, then report to the University via Report Form and Email , regardless of whether it is a weekday, weekend, or holiday.
  • ・When visiting a medical facility, please call in advance and wear a mask as much as possible, and avoid using public transportation.

<Symptoms you should contact to call center>

■ Strong symptoms such as breathing difficulty, malaise, high fever, etc.
■ Symptoms of a cold or disorders of the sense of taste and smell
- Those who are vulnerable to serious symptoms (*1) and pregnant women → Take action as soon as possible
- Others (*2) → If the symptom lasts longer than 4 days, you must take action.

 (*1) Elderly people, people with an underlying disease such as diabetes, COPD or cardiac failure, people  on dialysis, smokers, people on immunosuppressive drugs or anti-cancer drugs, etc.
(*2) If you think it is a strong symptom, or if you have to keep taking antipyretic drugs, take action immediately.

For more information, please refer to the Tohoku University BCP Guide “If you feel unwell” 

If you match the cases below, report to the University via Report Form and Email to the section/offices in-charge, regardless of whether it is a weekday, weekend, or holiday.

<The case you need to report to University>
1. A person who contacted the Call center in Miyagi Prefecture or Sendai City and received directions.
2. A person who visited a medical facility in response to a call center's directions
3. A person who has been directed by Health care provider to take a PCR or antigen test (not through a Call center)
4. A person who has been identified as a “Close contact “ or a person who has not been identified as a “Close contact” but have had contact with the infected person.
5. A person whose roommates/family (anyone living together) has got infected with COVID-19.
6. A person with proven PCR or antigen test results
7. A person infected with and cured of COVID-19. 

【For those who Return to / Re-enter Japan from Overseas】

Following people are required to report the results of the tests (PCR test or the antigen test etc.) performed by airport quarantine to The Tohoku University.
If you match the cases below, please be sure to report to us via Report Form and Email to the section/offices in-charge immediately after you have got the test results.
■ Japanese students, faculty, and staff who were studying or working abroad for long-term research projects and are returning to Japan.
■ International students, faculty, and staff who have residency status and are re-entering Japan.


[Call centers]

  • Call center (Miyagi) : 022-211-3883/2882

[COVID-19 Report Form (School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine)]
*Contents of the report will be shared by the Task Force of the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Medicine.

*Please contact each section in charge at the same time as contacting the Call center in Miyagi or Sendai City.

[Contacts in the Graduate School of Medicine]

For students: Email to Academic Affairs Sections
Undergraduate (Medicine)
Undergraduate (Health Sciences)

For faculty member/staff:Email to Research Security Management Office/International Exchange Office

[Flowchart of countermeasures against COVID-19 for those who are unwell (Graduate School of Medicine)]

File Download

For the New International Students who are still abroad

You can find what you need to prepare for coming to Japan and the flows after arriving in Japan from the folder below.
The information is updated accordingly, so please check it regularly.

For MEXT students, refer to this link as well.

Re-opening of Academic Affairs Division, Office of Medical Education, and International Exchange Office

Dear students

With the BCP being lowered to Level 1 on Friday, June 19, the Academic Affairs Division, Office of Medical Education, and International Exchange Office will re-open.
However, in order to avoid a 3Cs environment in the offices, all documents should be submitted via the submission box on the first floor of Building 1, School of Medicine in principle, and the office in charge will contact you individually if necessary.
If you have any questions about the administrative procedures, please contact us by email as much as possible.

[BCP Level 1]
 ・Reopening of the administration office.
 ・Use of the Submission box. (1st floor of Bldg.1, School of Medicine)
 ・No restrictions on access to the campus buildings.*
 *Note: The Student Hall on the first floor of Building 1, School of Medicine and the Group Study Room in Building 6, School of Medicine are a limited use for classes and entrance exams.

 *Please be sure to continue to wear a mask on and off campus.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Dean, Graduate School of Medicine /School of Medicine
Nobuo Yaegashi

Financial Support for students

To All Students

Takizawa Hirotsugu
Executive Vice President for Education and Student Support

Due to the nationwide spread of the new coronavirus, I request all Tohoku University students to take following measures to protect the health and safety of all students and to limit the spread of the infection in the society.
It is very important for us to take responsible actions now so the society can go back to its normal state soon and students can lead a fulfilling student life. I expect to see responsible actions from all students who will soon be the leaders of the society.

[Important Measures]
1. Classes will be conducted online, so attend classes by watching them at home and refrain from unnecessary outings unless it is urgent.
2. Extracurricular activities and use of facilities for the activities are prohibited.
3. Refrain from traveling outside your area of residence, such as returning home.
4. Do not hold meetings or talk to people with food and drinks.
5. For part-time jobs, students are strongly urged not to engage in work that involves frequent contact with others, or working with others in a poorly ventilated space.

・Staff at restaurants and bars (including not only those serving customers but those working in kitchens, etc.)
・Instructor at a cram school (excluding those who conduct online classes and other activities remotely)
・Home tutor (excluding those who tutor their students remotely)

It is allowed to engage in jobs that are deemed necessary to maintain social life (such as working at convenience store, drugstores, etc.), as long as sufficient prevention measures for COVID-19 infection are taken.

Financial Support for Students
For those who are in need of financial support due to reduced income from part-time job, Tohoku University accepts consultation on postponement of tuition payment or change of tuition payment method. Also, there are some student scholarships and loans that become
available this April, so if students wish to apply for them, they can contact the office below.

[Contact for tuition payment and scholarship]

Financial Support Section
Student Support Division
Education and Student Support Department
Tohoku University

10 April, 2020


Graduate School Educational Affairs Section

・Tel: +81-22-717-8010
・E-mail:m-daigakuin* (exchange * to @)