Application Information

Entrance examination for the academic year Spring 2021 / Fall 2020

The entrance examination for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 will be announced in late May.

Master's Courses(the previous version)

Doctoral Courses(the previous version)

Admission schedule

May 2020; Application Guidelines will be opend
June 1(Mon) 2020-June 16(Mon) 2020; Application period (prescreening)
July 8(Wed) 2020-July 17(Fri) 2020; Application period
August 19(Wed) 2020; Entrance Examination (for 2021/4 and 2020/10)

Important Announcement about Entrance Examination

We announce that we will change the screening procedure of entrance examination as below from 2020 (Student Admission for 2021 Spring/ 2020 Fall).
For more detail, please check the Application Guidelines issued on late May, 2020.

【Important】Submission of Score for English Proficiency Test

The Graduate School of Medicine (Master’s Courses) requires that applicants submit an original score sheet for English Proficiency Test taken within the past two years from the date of the entrance examination. On the day of the test, there will be no English test at the test site. English ability will be evaluated based on your score for English Proficiency Test acknowledged here.
In response to the spread of the new corona virus infection (COVID-19), the following two online English Proficiency Tests are accepted in addition to the three conventional venue-based English Proficiency Tests (TOEIC, TOEFL iBT, and IELTS).

TOEFL iBT ®Special Home Edition
Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University DI Code : 3332
Please submit the Examinee’s Score Record or Official Score Report.

Duolingo English Test
After taking the test, you are asked to choose the institution where you want to apply. At that section please choose our school.

Regarding the conventional venue-based English Proficiency Tests
TOEIC:  Please submit the original copy of your official score certificate. The TOEIC-IP test for group testing will not be accepted as scores. The score sheets for the Graduate School Entrance Examination scheduled for August 19, 2020 will be valid until the 251st Test (TOEIC Test Date: June 28, 2020 (Japan Standard Time); Mailing Date of Results: July 28, 2020). Please be sure to check the details of how to submit the score sheet in the application guidelines to be published later.
TOEFL iBT:  The TOEFL-ITP will not be accepted as scores.
IELTS:  Please submit the original copy of your official result transcript.

Other notices

  • ・Score sheets for these English Proficiency Tests must be submitted at the same time as the application. Please refer the official web page of test and be careful of how long it takes for the results to be sent to you.
  • ・We do not accept any replacement of score sheets once they are submitted.
  • ・If more than one score sheet is submitted, the one with the highest score will be accepted.
  • ・We will not return the score sheet once it is submitted, but we will return the TOEFL score sheet on the day of the test if you request it at the time of application.
  • ・We do not accept the submission of scores printed from web pages, etc.

*TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP and TOEIC are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS).


  • ・Official Score Certificate(公式認定証)
  • ・Examinee's Score Record(受験者用控えスコア票)or Official Score Report(公式スコア票)

How to apply

1: What are you interested in? Find your future mentors in the Laboratory Search

2: Are you eligible? Submit the registration form and contact our international exchange office.

3: Do you need information on financial aid, immigration, and housing?
Visit the international exchange office website.(

Concerning the Application for Examination of Qualifications for Admission

Concerning the Application for Examination of Qualifications for Admission

Application for Examination of Qualifications for Admission


Graduate School Educational Affairs Section (for entrance examination) :
m-daigakuin* (exchange * to @)