Graduate Admissions

Step 1. Find a prospective supervisor

Before application, prospective students should first find a prospective supervisor. Find one professor in the field of your interest, contact and then obtain consent of acceptance to the laboratory.

To search by name:

Faculty A to Z

To search by laboratory:

Laboratory A to Z

Check the Laboratory Introduction Book:

Laboratory Introduction Book

Step 2. Contact for detail information

The enrollment process differs depending on the courses. After the confirmation of acceptance to one laboratory, please contact us to confirm the following conditions.
Graduate School Educational Affairs Section (for entrance examination) :
m-daigakuin* (exchange * to @)

International Exchange Office

・Application eligibility and schedule
・Entrance examination condition
・Scholarship information
・When and how to pay fees
・Apply for dormitory or information about accommodation

Step 3. Prepare necessary documents

Nowadays, the application documents and process are only available domestically. Please contact your prospective laboratory for necessary documents. Here are some examples:

・Application form (printed form, only available domestically)
・Motivation letter (printed form, only available domestically)
・Graduation Certificate
・English proficiency certificate (TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS score within 2 years)

Step 4. Time schedule

Please note it is only for reference since every fiscal year has different schedule. Please directly contact your prospective laboratory for detail information.

  First Recruitment Second Recruitment
Application period Middle July Middle December
Entrance Examination Late August Middle January
Result Announcement Middle September Early February
Admission October or Next April April