Campus Map

Map:Tohoku Univercity Seiryo Campus
  • B 01School of Medicine Building 1
  • B 02School of Medicine Building 4
  • B 03School of Medicine Building 0
  • B 04School of Medicine Building 5
  • B 05Advanced Medical Training Center
  • B 06Education and Research Base Support Building
  • B 07Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
  • B 08School of Medicine Building 6
  • B 09Tohoku Medical Megabank Building
  • B 10Seiryo Hall (Welfare Facilities)
    Centennial Hall(Seiryo Auditorium)
  • B 11Frontier Research Building
  • B 12School of Health Sciences Building A
  • B 13School of Health Sciences Building B
  • B 14School of Health Sciences Building C
  • B 15Clinical Research Building (Provisional Office)
  • B 21Gonryo Hall
  • A 21Clinical Lecture building
  • A 22Medical Library
  • A 23School of Medicine Building 2
  • A 24School of Medicine Building 3
  • A 31Center for Laboratory Animal Research
  • A 32RI Seiryo Subcenter
  • A 33Institute of Animal Experimentation
  • A 34Prion Research Building

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