2017.08.31 Press Release

Shrinking Basic Cardiovascular Research in Japan -The Tip of the Iceberg-

In this issue of Circulation Research, Shimokawa et al1 report that the number of scientific publications submitted from Japan to the American Heart Association journals recently has dropped impressively compared with just 17 years ago (from 164 papers in 2000 down to only 45 in 2016), when Japan published more papers than any other country except for the United States and Germany. Although the recent decline in the number of Japanese papers published in many, if not all, areas of science has been reported repeatedly,2 the report by Shimokawa et al struck us as particularly noteworthy because the decline in the field of basic cardiovascular sciences seems more prominent than that in some other areas of basic science in Japan. The authors of this Editorial think that probing the causes of this dramatic decline and discussing what can be done to halt the slump are useful for the cardiovascular basic science community worldwide, because many developed countries share at least some of the causes of the decline we have witnessed recently in Japan.

Publication Details:
Authors: Hiroaki Shimokawa, Nobuhiro Kikuchi, Kimio Satoh
Title: Shrinking Basic Cardiovascular Research in Japan -The Tip of the Iceberg-
Journal: Circulation Research. 2017; 121: 331-334. DOI: 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.117.310845.

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