2019.09.05 News

Announcement of Successful Applicants for the Academic Year Spring 2020 /Fall 2019

We would like to make an announcement of successful applicants for the Academic Year Spring 2020 / Fall 2019 today.

We will also send a notice of the examination result today. Please confirm the notice, and according to the documents which is enclosed with the notice, complete the necessary procedure by the deadline.

【Successful applicants for Fall 2019…Admission Procedure Term: From 11th September to 24th September.
 ※ Please be careful that if we cannot receive the necessary documents or you don’t pay the Admission Fee by 24th September, we understand as that you have declined our offer.】

【Successful applicants for the Academic Year Spring 2020…Please send us the “Confirmation of Intention to Enroll” by 24th September. (We will announce you about Admission Procedure and Admission Fee around early March.)】