2021.06.21 Event

Neuro Global Seminar【Brain science seminar series Ex】/【Advanced brain science seminar series Ex】

Neuro Global Program will hold the online lecture. All students are welcome to join this seminar. This lecture will be combined with “International Interchange Seminar (Advanced Lecture course)” for Medical Science Doctoral Course.

Date/Time: July 12, 2021 (Monday) 16:00-17:30

Title: Novel mechanisms of neurogenesis and neural repair

Ryoichiro Kageyama (M.D., Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Neural Stem Cell Research,
RIKEN Center for Brain Science, Team Leader

Language: English

Registration: Refer to the message from the NGP office

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 7, 2021


●Neuro Global Program Students
【Brain Science Seminar Series Ex】/【Advanced brain science seminar series Ex】1 point
●Graduate School of Medicine
【Medical Science Doctoral Course】International Interchange Seminar