2021.12.28 Event

2022.1.13. Neuro Global Seminar【Brain science seminar series Ex】/【Advanced brain science seminar series Ex】

Title: Functional morphology of microglia and beyond.

Speaker:Ryuta KOYAMA, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Date/Time:January 13, 2022, Thursday. 16:00 - 17:30 JST


Middle Auditorium Clinical Lecture Building [A21] 2F, Seiryo campus

Format:Hybrid (Onsite & Online)

Registration:Refer to the message from the NGP office.

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●Neuro Global Program Students
【Brain Science Seminar Series Ex】/【Advanced brain science seminar series Ex】 1 point
●Graduate School of Medicine
【Medical Science Doctoral Course】International Interchange Seminar
This lecture will be combined with “Advanced Lecture course: International Interchange Seminar” for Medical Science Doctoral Course. It will be counted as 1 attendance.