"Promoting the Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs of Tohoku University Hospital to the World" Report on the Visit of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team to TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital

Mr. Masahiro Kohzuki, Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation Science, Chief of Tohoku University Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine, and Head of Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine, and his five staff members were invited to the 2014 Binhai International Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium and Chinese Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinical Skill Conference held at Tianjin Medical University TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital in Tianjin, China, on September 21 (Sunday) to 23 (Tuesday), 2014. They delivered speeches on rehabilitation after cardiovascular surgery and gave instructions on required practical skills.

About the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team's Visit to TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital

Masahiro Kohzuki, Professor of the Department of Internal Medicine and Rehabilitation Science
Yoshiko Sakata, Assistant Professor

We visited Tianjin Medical University TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital in Tianjin, China, to deliver speeches on our cardiac rehabilitation programs for cardiovascular surgery and give instructions on required practical skills. This event, combining a symposium and a skill conference related to cardiac rehabilitation, was held this year for the first time as a follow-up to the special speech titled, "Effects and Realities of Cardiac Rehabilitation: Convalescent Phase Rehabilitation Extends Patients' Lives," which I gave at TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital after I was appointed as a guest professor of Tianjin Medical University.

After the opening ceremony on the first day, I delivered a speech on the development of rehabilitation specialists in Japan. In this speech, I presented three things that make Tohoku University Hospital's cardiac rehabilitation programs unique. First, Tohoku University Hospital is the only institute in Japan that offers comprehensive programs for rehabilitation in all the phases of major cardiovascular disease. These are a 12-day hospital stay program and an outpatient program for the acute phase and convalescent phase and a program for the maintenance phase run by a nonprofit organization called "MedEx Club Sendai." Second, Tohoku University Hospital is also the only institute that not just deals with cardiac rehabilitation but addresses general rehabilitation needs including programs for respiratory rehabilitation, kidney rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation and rehabilitation from severe obesity as well as for multiple handicaps. Third, Tohoku University Hospital also focuses on basic academic researches on cardiac rehabilitation using animal models. After my speech, Assistant Professor Daisuke Ito (Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization, physical therapist), who had received a medical degree in this field, gave a speech titled, "Evaluation of Exercise Tolerance of Patients Who Have Undergone Cardiovascular Surgery and Exercise Therapy." He delivered a lecture on blood circulation, respiration and metabolism during exercise, explaining about how to conduct a cardio pulmonary exercise test and what to measure during the test. After the speeches, a big welcome party was held by Professor Xiaocheng Liu serving for both TEDA International Cardiovascular Hospital and Tianjin Medical University Caldiovascular Institute, Professor Jiazhong Wang of Tianjin Medical University, Chief of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Dr. Guixiang Zhang, President of the Tianjin Association of Rehabilitation Medicine and other doctors playing pivotal roles in the treatment of major cardiovascular disease and rehabilitation medicine. We reaffirmed that promoting cardiac rehabilitation with the aim of extending the life prognoses of patients with major cardiovascular disease was a common goal for both Japan and China.

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