2013.04.12 Press Release

The vulnerabilities of mental disorders at the onset of the disease: The potential for early environmental intervention to prevent the onset of mental illnesses

Professor Noriko Osumi at Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine and Researcher Nannan Guo's (currently attached to the Massachusetts General Hospital) research group established that within a certain timeframe during the developmental period, abnormalities in the adolescence period can lead to schizophrenia-like symptoms, creating a model mouse which measured a decline in the sensory-motor gate mechanism which is a characteristic of schizophrenia through applying methylazoxymethanol acetate (MAM), a drug that reduces neurogenesis. These results supported the developmental disorder hypothesis of schizophrenia; problems with neurological development in childhood will develop to become psychiatric disorders during adolescence. Furthermore, in this model mouse, it was made clear that the schizophrenia-like symptoms were improved by the exposure to enriched environmental reinforcement during the critical period. The results of this research were published in American Neurosciences Society's official journal, Journal of Neuroscience.

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