2013.06.04 Press Release

Creation of a mouse model for renal anemia: Expectations for a development of new treatments for anemia

A research group led by Professor Masayuki Yamamoto (Executive Director of Tohoku Medical Megabank), Researcher Shun Yamazaki and Lecturer Norio Suzuki (Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine) has succeeded developing an animal model for renal anemia in chronic kidney diseases. The kidney is an organ that discharges body waste materials but also serves to secrete the hormones including erythropoietin (EPO) that is necessary in the production of red blood cells. In cases of chronic kidney diseases, the kidneys cannot produce the necessary EPO and in serious cases, severe renal anemia develops. As an appropriate model mouse did not exist, the pathogenetic mechanisms for severe renal anemia have not been elucidated. This research group has succeeded for the first time in the production of mice with kidneys that lacks the capability of producing EPO, which causes severe renal anemia, by making full use of genetic modification technology. In further detailed analysis of the mouse, new insights are gained in the pathogenesis of renal anemia and the actual condition of the cell which produces the EPO. The results of this study will lead to the development of new treatments for anemia and measures to alleviate complications, such as heart disease resulting from anemia. The research results have been published online in the scientific journal Nature Communications in the U.K. on June 3, 2013 (UTC). The paper's title is "A mouse model of adult-onset anaemia due to erythropoietin deficiency."

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