2013.06.26 Press Release

Towards the realization of tailor made pancreatic islet isolation in diabetes treatments: The importance of Collagenase H in cell isolation enzymes used in islet transplantation for diabetes patients, Collagen III is one of the key target substrates

The research group consisting of Professor Masafumi Goto of the New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (Concurrent appointment at the Graduate School of Medicine), Associate Professor Kazutaka Murayama of the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, Professor Noriaki Ohuchi and Doctor Atsushi Fujio of the Advanced Surgical Science and Technology Department of the Graduate School of Medicine, and Professor Kazuhiko Igarashi of the Biochemistry Department of the Graduate School of Medicine at Tohoku University has elucidated that Collagenase H, a subtype of collagenase, plays an extremely important role in cell isolation enzymes used for islet cell isolation in islet transplantation, a cell transplantation treatment for diabetes.

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