2019.01.09 Event

Neuro Global 【Brain Science Seminar Series Ex】/【Advanced brain science seminar series Ex】

Title:Out of sight, not out of mind.-Unconscious information processing –

Speaker:Dr. Shao-Min Hung
(Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology
Huntington Medical Research Institutes)

Date/time:January 16 (Wed.), 2019, 16:30-18:00 (including Q&A time)

Venue:M431 Seminar room, Main Building[G10] 4F
RIEC (Research Institute of Electrical Communication) (Katahira Campus)

●Neuro Global Program Students
【Brain science seminar series Ex】/【Advanced brain science seminar series Ex】 1 point

●Graduate School of Medicine
【Medical Science Doctoral Course】International Interchange Seminar

This lecture will be combined with “International Interchange Seminar (Advanced Lecture course)” for Medical Science Doctoral Course.
Please download attendance card - RISYUBO - from KYO-SYOKUIN Groupware for this course and bring it with you to the seminar.
All students are welcome to join the seminar.