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Response to COVID-19

TU BCP is Level 0 (April.1, 2023~)

On April 1 (Sat.), we move to BCP Level 0.
The University will return to normal operations in research, education, and other activities, and will accelerate the implementation of various initiatives to enhance and develop our activities. We ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.
Even after the transition to the BCP Level 0, we ask that you continue to take basic infection control measures,such as frequent hand washing, avoidance of the three Cs (3Cs), and use of masks in appropriate situations, to protect yourself from infection, as well as to act responsibly and consciously to prevent others from being infected.

April 1, 2023
Dean, Graduate School of Medicine, School of Medicine

Response when you have symptoms
of suspected COVID-19

If a person feels unwell, the decision on whether or not to refrain from going out is left to the individual in principle, but if symptoms are present, it is recommended that the person refrain from attending school or going to work and return to work/School after fulfilling the prescribed conditions in accordance with the flowchart below.

“Close contacts” will not need to be identified, so even if someone within the same household tests positive, it will be up to the individual to decide whether or not to refrain from going outside, but the following measures are recommended:

① If someone living with you tests positive, please stay in separate rooms if possible, and ensure that only a few people take care of the ill individual.

② If you go outside, be especially aware of how you are feeling for the following five days, with the day on which the individual first tested positive being regarded as Day 0.

③ Since it is possible for symptoms to develop as late as the seventh day, in addition to taking basic measures to help prevent the spread of infection during this period, such as by washing hands and maintaining ventilation, nonwoven fabric masks should be worn and anyone recently infected should refrain from coming into contact with those at a high risk of becoming gravely ill, such as the elderly.

If symptoms are observed, refer to the response procedures for positive cases and act accordingly.

COVID-19 Flowchart: How to respond When feeling unwell
Notification about how Tohoku University will respond to the change in the legal status of COVID-19 under the Infectious Diseases Act as of May 8
Flyer:Let’s continue to take precautions against infection
Ref: TU COVID-19 Information and Preventive Measures


Undergraduate Students

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