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  2. Info for current Int’l students (Internal Only)

Info for current Int’l students (Internal Only)

This page is for current international students of Graduate School of Medicine.

Information for GSM International Students site

The International Exchange Office created the site for (1) status of residence, (2) scholarship, (3) housing, (4)arriving/leaving Japan etc.
Please log-in with your DC mail and PW.


【EN】Med Graduate Student Message Board

On this message board, important & useful information for students is notified. Please do not miss everyday checking.

Network Service User’s Guide

For setting up or trouble shooting in Networking service, please refer to following files. Useful info. is available including FAQs.
- “What can we do with the Tohoku University ID account?”
- “What if I forgot my password?”

This service is accessed via the Tohoku University Network system.
When accessing following pages via networks other than ours, please enter your Tohoku University ID and password then click the “Login” button.