Department of Medicine
生体システム生理学分野 在校生
Physiology (Neuroscience) Current Student
ムハマンド アリ ハイダー アワン
Muhammad Ali Haider Awan

ムハマンド アリ ハイダー アワン

●What made you decide to go to graduate school?

I have always been fascinated by multidisciplinary science. I did my bachelors in electronic engineering. In next step I wanted to enter some new field related to biological science where I can learn more about new field and apply my existing knowledge of engineering. Being in graduate school gives you an opportunity to explore in your own way as there are wide variety of research projects. Due to these reasons I entered the graduate school.


私はこれまでずっと学際的研究に魅力を感じてきました。 大学では電子工学を専攻していましたが、次のステップとして、生物科学に関連した分野に行きたいと考えました。そこで新しい分野を学ぶとともに、それまで学んだ工学の知識を活かそうと思いました。また大学院には様々な研究プロジェクトがあり、自分なりに研究を進めることができます。以上が私が大学院に入学した理由です。

●How did you like it when you went to school?

I find a lot of things in the graduate school according to my expectations. Graduate studies are more focused on research. In bachelors the main focus is on grades but in graduate school instead of courses and grades quality of your research matters. Graduate life demands more maturity responsibility and struggle.



●What is your research topic and why did you choose it?

My major is system neuroscience. We study and analyze functions of different regions of the brain. My research is related to functions of prefrontal cortex that is most anterior area of brain involved in memory, planning, attention and decision making. I chose this research area because exact functions of this area are still unknown and recording neuronal activity by electrodes involve multiple steps in which we can learn about designing of experiment, electrode construction, recording brain activity, data acquisition and data analysis.



●What is the lab’s atmosphere like?

Lab atmosphere is very supportive. My professor is experienced and famous neuroscientist and lab faculty members are experts in different areas of neuroscience. Lab environment is encouraging. Regular discussions with supervisor, training on using different instruments and journal club activities help students a lot. Apart from academics we have lab parties where we can enjoy and openly discuss about any issues other than academics.



●Why did you choose Tohoku University in Japan?

Tohoku University is reputed both in Japan and worldwide. While I was looking for universities in Japan I found Tohoku university attractive because of its best neuroscience labs, reputation, student support and location.



●What are the positive aspects of Tohoku University?

Here in Tohoku University you feel like a member of a big family. University cares about your academics, health, finances and overall grooming. Tohoku University help to facilitate students by all possible means. Being part of Tohoku University make you feel secure and proud.



●What are your goals and expectations for the future?

After finishing my PhD, I plan to work in company that makes medical equipment. Medical equipment manufacturers need expertise both of engineering and medicine. I find myself good fit there. Apart from that I am ready to accept any challenge or any role where I can add value to the organization.



●How is your life in Sendai?

Sendai is very beautiful city and called as city of trees. Sendai is not very crowded and relatively cheaper than big cities of Japan. My life in Sendai is very much fun and comfortable.



●Message for other international students.

Foreign students initially find it difficult to settle in the start because some procedures are essentially carried out in Japanese language. Tohoku university hire tutors to help you out. Most of the courses are in Japanese language (※)but you can do your research completely in English. Try to learn Japanese language and don’t get frustrated. After few months you will settle well.
(※)Courses in English are currently available in International graduate course. New course, such as Topic and Discussion will start in English during the second semester of the graduate courses.




I usually spend my holidays with my friends. We cook, eat and watch movies together. Sometimes we go downtown for shopping. Recently I joined gymnasium and spend few hours there. Seiryo campus is in middle of the city. There are many restaurants and cafes within walking distance where you can eat during lunch break. University hospital has a bakery shop. You can go Hirosegawa river which is very beautiful by 10 mins walk from Seiryo campus. Best thing about Seiryo campus is you can find banks, convenient stores, bus stops and super market with in few minutes’ approach.


Department of Medicine
生体システム生理学分野 在校生
Physiology (Neuroscience) Current Student
ムハマンド アリ ハイダー アワン
Muhammad Ali Haider Awan

I am from Pakistan.I came to Japan on MEXT scholarship in 2016.I did my bachelors in electronic engineering from GIK institute Pakistan and masters from Tohoku University.Currently I am enrolled in PhD course.My hobby is traveling ,making new friends and following current affairs.