Tohoku University, Graduate School of MedicineApplication Information for Master’s Program
International Course of Public Health Science for Human Security” (2-year course) Academic Year 2007


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Admission Information


The amount of money may change.

  1. Admission fee: 282,000 yen
  2. First Semester tuition: 267,900 yen (annual tuition : 535,800 yen)
  3. Exemption of Admission Fee : Students in severe financial difficulties can apply for exemption from payment of the admission fee.
  4. Exemption of Tuition Fee : Students recognized as being in severe financial difficulties can apply for tuition fee exemption.
    *After applying, a strict screening by Tohoku University will determine whether it is approved (100% or 50% or 1/3 exemption)or disapproved. .
  5. Student Accident and Disaster Insurance: 2,100 yen for two years
    This insurance covers damages or injuries resulting from experiments, clinical research, school activities or extracurricular activities.
Please note:

1)New students must pay tuition either by a one-time payment or in two installments. In the event that the amount of payment that students are required to pay is revised at the time of their enrollment or while they
are in school, the revised amount of payment will be applied as of the revision.

2)A detailed explanation on the information such as exemption of the admission or tuition fees, or deferment of payment will be announced to successful applicants.