Tohoku University, Graduate School of MedicineApplication Information for Master’s Program
International Course of Public Health Science for Human Security” (2-year course) Academic Year 2007


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Admission Information

Screening Process

  1. Screening will be conducted comprehensively on the basis of the submitted application documents, essay, Ianguage ability, and the result of interview. Applicants will be required to have a phone interview on a date arranged beforehand. Date will be announced individually through an e-mail.
  2. Application card will be sent to applicant's e-mail address. Please check your Application No..
  3. Although there is no limit set on the number of openings for students for each division, we must limit the number of students we accept in the event of large numbers of applicants applying for a certain division. They may not receive their first choice of division. Those who have a second choice should write in the space for "Division You Apply For" provided on the application form.