Tohoku University-Fudan University Neuroscience Workshop for Young Scientists

Tohoku Neuroscience Global COE, in corporation with Institute of Neurobiology, Fudan University, held a workshop in Shanghai for graduate students and post-docs studying neurosciences. The workshop was designed to train and encourage young scientists on the basis of global partnership between Tohoku University and Fudan University. From Sendai, 22 young researchers and 11 professors visited Shanghai, and the total number of participants for the workshop reached one hundred.

Group photo
Young scientists from Tohoku University were introduced.

The workshop was constituted of 2-day conference and one-day laboratory tour. In the beginning of the conference, vice presidents of the both universities, prof. Iijima and prof. Xiao-lin WANG, made remarks with the mentions on the history of mutual exchange begun by Lu Xun.

Opening remarks by Prof. T. Iijima,
Welcome remarks by Prof. X.L.Wang,

Forty-four oral presentations (22 each from the two universities) and 46 posters were demonstrated. The themes of studies covered a wide range of the neuroscience fields from molecular or genetic research to medical research including epidemiology. The participants discussed eagerly not only at the oral session but during the poster presentation time. For the young scientists, it was a great opportunity to discuss their study seriously in English.
We set the main objective of the workshop as to provide the chance of English-based scientific discussion to our students. Thus, it was accomplished satisfactorily but the communication abilities of our young scientists appeared to be not high enough as our faculty members expected. One of our global COE's missions is the education of students who have the global vision and high level communication ability. Through the workshop, we reaffirmed the importance of our mission.

Poster presentation
Oral presentation

Throughout our visit to Shanghai, generous welcome by all members of Fudan University and highly detailed conduct of the workshop has given us a great impression. We sincerely appreciate their kind hospitality.

On the workshop, "Best presentation award" was presented to 10 young scientists listed below.

-Fudan University
Nan-nan Guo
Title "b1- and b2-adrenoceptors in basolateral nucleus of amygdala and their roles in fear memory in rats"
Shuai Liu
Title "Altered neuromodulation sensitivity of an epilepsy related Nav1.1 channel mutation by protein kinase A"
Min-juan Bian
Title "Parkin prevents dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra from neurodegeneration"
Long-zhen Cheng
Title "Nociceptive input-induced LTP in the spinal cord requires presynaptic ryanodine receptors"
Xin-jun Zhang
Title "Functional expression of the glycine transporter 1 on bullfrog retinal cones"

-Tohoku University
Kosei Sato
Title "fruitless and longitudinals lacking cooperate to generate the sexual differences of the brain and courtship behavior of Drosophila"
Kaichi Yoshizaki
Title "Development of a novel post-stroke depression model in mice"
Shinya Ohara
Title "Dual transneuronal tracing by using recombinant rabies virus vectors"
Juri Fujiwara
Title "Personality-dependent dissociation of absolute and relative loss processing in orbitofrontal cortex"
Toshi Nakajima
Title "Neuronal activity representing second-next movement in the primate medial motor areas: a comparison of the pre-supplemantary and supplementary motor areas"

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