• 第48回脳神経科学コアセンターセミナー開催のお知らせ(12/8)


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■日時: 2016年12月8日(木)17:00-18:30
■場所: 医学部第2セミナー室(医学部仮設校舎2階)
■講師: 櫻井 勝康
    (Duke University Medical Center, Department of Neurology)
■表題: ”CANE Technology and Its Application In Dissecting the Social Fear Circuit”
■要旨: I developed a new technology called CANE for Capturing Activated Neuronal Ensembles. CANE has two components. First, a knock-in mouse, called FosTVA, in which Fos drives the expression of a destablized foreign receptor (dsTVA). Second, designer viruses pseudotyped with a mutated coat protein (EnvA) that can express desired transgenes (e.g. Cre, GFP, etc). Since EnvA-coated viruses can only infect neurons expressing dsTVA, injections of EnvA-coated lentivirus (CANE-LV) or rabies viruses (CANE-RV) enables effective “capture” of neurons that are activated and therefore express Fos by a natural behavior. I show that CANE system enables selective and efficient labeling and manipulation of transiently-activated, spatially-intermingled but behaviorally-specific neuronal ensembles with highly temporal resolution. Using CANE, I delineate the causal functions and connectivity of hypothalamic neurons activated by a social-fear experience.

連絡先:医学系研究科発生発達神経科学分野 大隅 典子 (022-717-8203)