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Division of Image Statistics(Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization)画像統計学分野(東北メディカル・メガバンク 機構)

  • 脳画像解析
  • 画像診断
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  • Mugikura,ShunjiProfessor. 麦倉 俊司 教授

Other Faculty / Staff

  • Mori,Naoko
    Assistant Prof. 森 菜緒子 助教




The Division of Image Statistics (Laboratory of Brain Imaging Research) is in charge of additional MRI testing and cognitive psychological testing in the Tohoku Medical Megabank Project. Our aim is to clarify how constitution (genetic factors) and lifestyle affect the brain, cognitive function, and mental state in order to maintain a healthy brain and cognitive ability throughout life. We have started the "Brain and Mental Health Study" for those who participated in the Three Generations Cohort Study or the Community Resident Cohort Study and requested an MRI examination. Brain health is analyzed by morphometric analysis of the brain based on the latest brain science research. As a result of these surveys, a large brain image database will be completed. Using these databases, we also aim to develop early diagnosis and onset prevention for many brain-related diseases such as depression, PTSD, and dementia.
*Because this is not a dedicated diagnostic imaging method, depending on the type of disease, the diagnostic accuracy may be inferior to that of a regular MRI scan in a hospital.



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