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  • 数値流体力学
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  • Ueda, TakuyaProfessor. 植田 琢也 教授

Other Faculty / Staff

  • Kobayashi, Tomoya
    Assistant Prof. 小林 智哉 助教




The Department of Diagnostic Imaging aims to create technologies that really can be applied in clinical practice, and combines medical and mathematical methods.The main research topics include AI-based diagnostic imaging research on breast and neurological diseases,and research on improving the accuracy of AI through pre-image processing of image data.A variety of people, including doctors specializing in medicine, radiological technologists specializing in image processing, and data scientists specializing in applied mathematics and AI, participate the project, which promotes a multidisciplinary approach to research.
Moreover,our department collaborates with the Tohoku University Advanced Graduate Program for Future Medicine and Health Care, where Professor Ueda serves as a facilitator. The program aims to nurture human resources who are able to find medical problems and proposes the solutions by themselves by discussing and facilitating with their professors, and to develop the skills, knowledge, and solutions necessary to achieve their goals. We are training students to become professionals of future medicine using data science and new technologies.
We accepts a variety of people interested in medical AI research, including graduate students (Ph.D. and M.D.) from the School of Medicine and Department of Health Sciences as well as medical undergraduate students, research students, corporate AI engineers, and interns from overseas, all of whom work together in research and study with an attitude of “learning together”.


  • Various AI diagnostic imaging studies for breast cancer

  • Machine learning model that predicts the prior probability of lesions from the difference in tomosynthesis imaging conditions

  • Improvement of deep learning accuracy by preprocessing of image data

  • Ueda Lab


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